Just Found out I have AVM on 5/1/17

I was having issues with hearing and head pain. I went to have it checked they did a mri of my neck . The radiologist seen the AVM and told the Dr. that i need to have other MRI studies done so they quickly did a MR ANGIOGRAPHY HEAD W/O DYE AND A MR/OT - MRI BRAIN STEM W/ & W/O DYE. That is when the dr. called me and told me over the phone that I had AVM that she had done spoke to the Neurosurgeon and confirmed that I had the AVM. I’m scrduled to see them on Monday to talk about the best treatment for my AVM. I really don’t know much about this AVM so I would love for any information that anyone could give me.

Look under General AVM and AVM 101. Lots of information there to help you.

Thank you

Missy welcome to the group. You will find quite a bit of information on this site. No two AVM’s are alike. We are all different, but most of us share the same fears and doubts regardless of where or what kind of AVM we have. Insist that your doctors slow it down when explaining this disease to you. We’re here for you.

Sharon D…