Just found out I have 4 new AVMs

This news comes as a shock to me even though I have had an AVM before. I had one when I was 12 and had it removed when I was 13. For 10+ years I had been told my MRIs looked normal and nothing was there. Recently, I started having seizures, more headaches and trouble with my vision. This is what prompted me to get checked and the new AVMs were found. The headaches and vision trouble have been difficult to deal with. I do have an AVM in my occipital lobe. I just have to see what’s going to happen from here.

Hi Kimberly
keep investigation going.

long story short my AVM’s only detectable by way of angiogram. . Many MRI …CT were not detected why? How knows maybe more difficult for doctors to interpret. .

good luck

There is one thing that l do worry about l have 8 metal clips in my head from AVM surgery. That was done back in 2000. So getting a MRI is not an option. I still have a small AVM and have chronic migraines with little relief. I hope it works out for you.

MRIs do not always show AVMs. The problem with having had an AVM removed as a teenager is that the brain is still developing and the AVM can reappear. You were smart to listen to your body’s warning signs and get it checked out. Please keep us posted!

Hi Kimberly. You may wish to join this sub-group since you have multiple AVMs and other members in the family with AVMs…http://www.avmsurvivors.org/group/hht

Hi Kimberly...sorry to hear the news but please stay positive and I will pray for you that you overcome this hurdle.

As you are someone who was diagnosed at a young age i believe the AVMs can return as the brain develops, so i read and hear often...in the past i read you had surgery to remove the AVM...did they advise it was totally removed after the operation and have you had CT scans or angiograms since then...MRI's arent the best for AVMs from what i have been told.

God bless and keep us posted...