Just finished steroids now feeling shoulder pain and very tired

So my husband just stopped steroids after 3 months now he is having shoulder pain and no energy. It's worrying me. Also has high heart rate. Has anyone else had this when coming of steroids or should I be worried.

I know I'm a week late. Somehow I missed your question before.. I'm sorry. How is your husband doing?

To answer your question -- I don't know about the heart rate but, it's common for the pain and low energy levels to come back once we go off of the steroids. It usually takes me a few more days to balance out when I'm done with the prescription.

He says he's feeling better not so tired. But still having issues with heart rate. and Still swelling. Going to doc in the morning to see what they think. Thanks for getting back with me. I just have so many questions and don't feel docs can always answer them like others that have experienced them.