Just find out I probably have an AVM of the right leg

Hi all,

My doc just told me I most likely have an AVM of the right leg. Can anyone tell me what I should expect from this? Any information I should know? I go to the vascular surgeon on Sept. 22. Thanks for your help!!

hi ya
i can’t really tell you what to expect but i can tell you what mine is. It started i had servier pain in my foot and leg and i also had lumps on my toes. it took several doctors, consultants, trips and years till then i was diagnosed with an avm in my left leg at the time there was nothing that they could do as they said i was still growing. Since the avm got worse and i am now in more pain and walking on my tip toes due to the avm damaging my muscle in my calf and my tendons have tightened after some nagging i was refered to Liverpool university hospital, where i had several schlerotherapy done but sadly didn’t help they said my avm is too extensive. i got refered to an orthopeadic surgeon to try and see weather or not he could correct the position of my foot, but he wanted me to see a vascular surgeon before hand. i went to see the vascular surgeon and he said if i had an operation then there was a chance i could bleed to death, and if they did operate to get rid of the avm then they would have to take too much of my muscle away and then i would have an adnormal leg and would have to learn to walk again but they are aren’t quite sure yet, they are having a discussion about it. hopefully something will be done soon. i am at the hospital next week to see the outcome of getting my foot straight again so will let you know how i get on. i hope i haven’t scared you too much and good luck to you hope all goes well

I got AVM in my right foot & its a nightmare for me. Every morning when I get up I am thinking how will my day be with this pain in my foot. The pain for me is unbearable and I have ulcers as well which bleeds. I just don’t know what to do really.


Hi ya, sorry i havent been on here in a while i know exactly what you mean with the pain its exactly what i think in a morning and i have a three year old daughter as well. I have had a few surgeries since, following my last message i went to see the consultant and it was discussed that i have an illizarov frame on which would then be adjusted every day at the back and front for a couple of months i had that done and my foot slowly turned to its natural position. I didnt actually have any treatment for my avms. A couple of weeks later my foot starte pointing down again so they placed me in a cast and i had it changed every week and they pushed my foot up slowly that decided not to work either. this time they have cut my achilles tendon and set me in a cast again this is my last option i think now also i have been told by my consultant that i have them in my stomach i have had an MRI scan but waiting on the outcome. I hope everything has been ok for you and woul love to hear back from you.