Just concern!

Had 2 brain surgery last year because the first doctor left a piece of AVM that has good drain and its live. according to my second doctor that it need to be remove or it will rapture no telling when. So my question is does anybody been through 2 surgery because doctor left a piece of AVM in you. thanks mhikey...

Not directly, but the DRs found an aneurysm after 2 of the embolization. The AVM sealing might have enhanced it or maybe it was there all along and no one saw it previously. So Chari had conventional surgery once to fix the aneurysm, then a second surgery after total of 4 embos and two rounds of radiation. That surgery removed the last of the AVM.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

no Jim thanks for asking its been remove in oct and im clear for take off.

Hi Mikey. I know Tina White's 9 yr.old daughter has had 3 craniotomies...
Patti G has had 3 done as well...
and this young man has had five!!!
I do not know the reasons for the multiple surgeries.
All I can tell you is that I remember Dr. Barrow was fixing other surgeons mistakes back in 1988 when I was ill. It was one of the reasons I wanted him to do my surgery.
I hope you are recovering well!

I hope all is well ...cant say i had any further surgery besides the one but if you notice the profiles Barbara H posted those people had surgery done in the 80's etc so in 2012 i would say that technology has come a long way...God bless my prayers are with you

Michael, my daughter indeed has had three craniotomies for the same reason. We have now been told three times that “we got it all, and the AVM will never cause any problems.” Now we just take things a day at a time. We know what to look for and pray that the annual checkups are clean. Best wishes!

Yes...it has changed and for the better!

I HOPE you're doing better & recovery is going well. :)

Actually Barb, I've had 4 craniotomies for my 'bumper crop' of multiple CM's ;)
No residual malformations, just 'blessed' with innumerable's in my noggin.'