Just can't get up today

Is anyone else still in their dressing gown?
How do you deal with your fatigue without getting angry about it?
I've slept all day, had a busy day yesterday. I hate this fatigue. Find it really hard to cope with sometimes. A friend has just said 'I would feel awful if I didn't get up all day, I'd feel I'd wasted the day.' What do you say to that?
I said 'Well, I had to to feel a bit more human.'

I am an alien
Is anyone else on Planet Fatigue?
Are there any other aliens out there who understand?
It may be my drugs, I'm on keppra 1000 twice a day and clobozam 30 mg twice a day.

Thanks for your thoughts, am finding it hard to stay sane today

Grrrrr...you did not waste the day. You spent it doing what you needed to do...recuperate. I am not currently on anti-seizure meds but I remember what it felt like...kind of like jet lag. You need this day to rest then take it. I suggest that your friend fly across the pond (the Atlantic Ocean)...stay up during the flight. Stay here 24 hours then turn around fly home...they have to stay up during the flight home too. See how they feel...I guarantee you this person will never make that foolish comment to you again.

I sleep most of the day every day. If im up to long
I get to nodding off. Or fall asleep on the couch and
wake up in pain. No thanks. You do whatever you need
To do today to exist tomorrow. And if i see you in space
Commuting back to planet fatigue. Ill stop my spaceship
And we will have a glass of Tang.
Feel better.

I am sleeping well always and I have no problems getting up ..but after i got up Im awake and fit for 1 or two hours - and then im tired again...my friend always asks me how I am - and I answer: Good - but tired...and he says; Yes - as always. That made me notice that he was right - im almost always tired..not so much that i could sleep then everytime..but I am !!! I have no energy to do things for hours like I used to do before my surgery...and loud noises, many people talking, music, paying attention to sth and concentrating tires me a lot too...its like something presses my eyelids down then or someone puts a helmet on my head..Just Closed up then till further notice....!!!! I think thats just how things are for me now...

I don't have a choice about getting dressed on weekdays (even when I was just home from having a crani to clip 2 aneurysms). My husband runs his business out of our home & his employees are in & out all day Monday through Friday. I actually shut myself in the closet to block out light & noise when I had a migraine & people were in & out all day (that was the week my AVM was diagnosed.)

I think that sometimes it would be nice to not have to get dressed when I don't feel well.

Most of this school year I've spent the weekend sleeping & trying to recover from the week so I have energy to teach on Monday. I had GK in June; crani for the annies in July; and another GK in December.

I understand about Planet Fatigue--I'm a regular visitor.

i take 1000 mg of keppra twice a day. i understand that tired feeling. plus youll need time to feel like yourself again after most medical procedures. i hope feel better soon!

I had GK a few weeks ago and am suffering major fatigue like I have never experienced before, I am finding I HAVE to sleep at least an hour during the day to be able to function properly. I find it very difficult to deal with because I have never experienced anything like this before and had quite a bit of energy prior to GK. It is definitely depressing but I have kinda figured its my bodies way of telling me I need to rest. I am not on any meds..
Best of luck and hope yr feeling better soon :)

My Mom, who is just a mother, not a doctor; Suggested my zdragon-ass condition in the morning was most likely related to ow blood-sugar? so she so kindly packed a yin if chewy chocolate chip cookies across the room in a tin in my closet... and she suggested I eat 1 or 2 upon awakening. Although difficult to limit my brain to 2, when the are just So sweet and Yummy! But they certainly motivated me to get my Dragon-ass out of bed/pun inetnded ! And sure improved my mood as well ! zgood luck!! whatever your non-alcoholic poison may be?

Thanks mate.

Hi Doug,

I'm back on planet fatigue. YAWN

I think I saw you in a cool stripy space suit sat on a boulder on the edge of infinity,

Hey regular Planet Fatigue visitor.

Isn'it a bit uncomfortable trying to sleep in the closet?

The boulders out here are good to sit on, and there's a good view of the galaxies from that grassy headland over there, check it out. Perfect for a nap too.