Just a short update... but a good one!

I can’t say I have nearly the news that everyone else seems to have lately. Thing have been uneventful, but in this case, it’s good. The Keppra has been doing its job and have had no problems. As an added bonus, I’ve lost somewhere between 20-25 pounds, most of it within the first 3 months of being off Depakote! I’m excited for the next time I can see my neuro so I can say I told you so! He’s been insisting for years that my sudden weight gain was just because of getting older and not working out enough. Now I can say ‘HA!’ In addition, tomorrow is my official first day of being allowed to drive again… although I can’t say I haven’t cheated recently. All the same… yay!

I never did sue my office like I was thinking I might. A lot of factors played into the decision and I’m still not happy about it. I’m back at work now though and will deal with the situation as it plays out from here.

My husband recently got a new job with waaaay better insurance than what I had before so I’m thinking that as soon as the dust settles a little, I can start looking at surgery or gamma. I may actually be able to afford it without selling my firstborn now. I have to start with a new hospital though because my hospital I was working through before isn’t on the network. Luckily though, since my hubby now works for Ohio State University, I get to use their hospitals which are quite good. As long as I can keep my neuro, I’ll be fine!

Can’t wait for tomorrow so I can say ‘I can drive!’ and also, coincidentally so I can say I’ve been married 3 years :wink:

That is a good update ! About the meds I know that I have put on about 8-9 pounds also…which I could use , but I don’t want anymore LOL , I am going to keep my eye on it . I am happy that you can drive . I know that is a big thing. Keep sending the good news …We all can use it .

That is awesome news Beth! Congratulations. I’m glad things are looking up for you. Isn’t it just amazing how some positive news can lift your spirits? I am excited for you and happy anniversary and happy driving!

Beth! This is a great update! And seriously, congrats on the weightloss. I know we shouldn’t be concerned about something so trivial…but we are girls! I’ve gained about 15 lbs in the last year, due to a combination of the steriods and a lack of activity. And I’m totally hoping I will be able to drop them once this is all done.

I was wondering what happened with your work. But your back, you have your license, so seeing how it plays out and avoiding the headache of all the legal action…maybe it’s better.

Glad to hear about hubby’s new job. Good luck with the new docs and keeping your neuro.

Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!!!

Beth I am so pleased that you can keep thefirst-born !!
You are full of great news-hubby, job, insurance, weight loss, driving and anniversary ?? EXCELLENT !!!
Be good to you. Take care of you.
P.S. ‘na-na-na-na-na’ to your neuro…you knew . Have fun…

FABULOUS news Beth, I am so happy you are doing well…can youhook me up with some of that Keppra and maybe i can loose 25-30 pounds too!

congrats on 3 years! congrats on the hubby’s new job and HURRAY for better insurance!
I am very happy for you :slight_smile:

wow good news all round…my neuro wants to put me on keppra…hope it has the same effect for me as i have put on 30kgs since being on lyrica…glad to hear everything is going so well…good things come to those that wait

Alicia kepra is ‘good’ i was taking a lot of it:) i was taking depakine chrono and i also have effect in weight kepra hasn’t any effect.

First off, thanks to everyone and all your positive thoughts! Wow!
Also, to chime in on the Keppra… I agree with Nikos, it is very good. It has been an amazing improvement in my EEGS and tests, plus no long-term threats, plus no blood tests! With Depakote I was constantly hungry, always eating and always tired. I feel a lot better and ‘like I used to be’ now. Good luck!