Just a "minor" issue

I didn’t post this episode earlier because I was in denial about it, but I had a scare while in the air coming back from the holiday visit with the relatives.

We were in the air, connecting from Washington DC to Manchester when suddenly I thought for sure I was having another bleed. My head was spinning, my eyesight had black spots, my speech was slurring and my fingers were numb. I turned to my partner, Chris, and understated the obvious, “I don’t feel right.” I guess I looked like #&!*@ and scared the piss out of him. He called the flight attendant. They expedited the landing- we came in hard & fast. The paramedics were waiting and I got a fun ambulance ride and 5 hours in the emergency room.

They did blood tests and a CT scan, but no bleed was detected. The diagnosis was a transient ischemic attack (TIA). It is an episode that mimics the symptoms of a stroke. You can learn more about it at this link: http://www.medicinenet.com:9003/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=47616

(Cut & paste the link into your browser.)

I am putting this up because the symptoms are so similar to a bleed that I thought you all should know about this condition.

I am fine. Am seeing the neuro this week. I really don’t think I had a bleed. It was either a precipitous drop in blood pressure or the TIA thing. But it was “fun”. Its one way to get a flight to land on time, that’s for sure!!

Brian I am glad you didn’t have a bleed . It sure must have been so scary for you .

Sorry to hear what happened …Glad you shared w/us …and are out of denial …LOL!

Brian! What a scary episode! I’m sorry that happened, but obviously glad it wasn’t a bleed.

I think this was a very good thing to share with the group though. I have no real insight into the brain AVM’s other than what I read from all of you. But one very common thread that I have found is the worry of another bleed, and how to tell if you have had one. So knowing about TIA and the mimicking of a stroke sounds like something people should be familiar with. Obviously none of us should be self diagnosing (although many of us think we are know it all’s!) but the more knowledge means the better questions we can ask our docs!

Glad that you are good and were able to tap into the AVM drama to keep your flight on schedule. Show off!

Brian,thank God you are ok,wow that had to be so scary ,im just happy you are here and ok:) caroline,stay well pleaseeeeeee…

I’m so glad that you are alright, Brian. HOw scary! Thank you for sharing the link.

Thanks for posting the link… certainly good information to have! Also, so glad to hear that it was “minor” and you’re still in one piece!

OMG as if we don’t have enough to deal with, now there is something that 'mimics’
Glad your ok Brian, must have been very scarey up there!

Oh Brian. that must have been scary. I’m going to read that link because I have heard of TIA’s but not quite sure what that means. I’m so glad you are okay. Your poor partner too. Thanks for letting us know. It is so helpful.

hei brian, i am learning alot from your comments…i had gamma knife april 1st,2009. the last couple of nights i have had headaches that have woken me up. i have also experienced little headaches since the gk but not like the last couple of nights. have you or anybody out there experienced any of these symptoms? i am to have another angio in sept 2009 this will be post gk check up. sincerely,grace