Just a li'l bit more and i'll be perfectly fine again

exactly 41 days since i had my surgery and i’m still a bed buddy. things weren’t easy after my surgery and i even had to experience depression. but i knew God has his plans that’s why i’m still here. i started my therapy last friday (july 2, 2010) and twas really painful and hard and i even felt really down cause i started thinking what if i’ll never gonna be able to walk again?..but then i saw my family and oman doing everything to help me, so i said,what the heck! i can do this!!.. so i decided to have another session the very next day, and it was a good session that day. its just that my foot really got stiffed and inverted and my muscles got weak already. this is a challenge for both me and my therapist.

now, i’m able to use a walker and slightly step my foot but with not that much of weight. numbness is still there but it’s getting a lot better now. on saturday i get to have my other stitches remove. and i can’t wait to walk again and do things. explore, travel, run, catch up w/ everything i missed.

i know, just a li’l bit more and i’m there. i’ll be perfectly fine again.

Hi, There just stopping by to give u some love and support hang in there everything is going to work it self out. One thing I know we want things to happen right now fast but we are not working on our clock we are working on God’s clock. He has brought u this far he is not about to leave you now. Just remember this let go and let god have control he will work it out to his glory and you will be able to tell everyone what God has done for you. God Bless keep the faith.

Hi Aiyi,

May each day bring more healing.

Take care,


Thank you for the update and I am glad things are starting to get better for you. I will keep praying for you and your recovery. You are young and you will bounce back.

Yep. You can do it. You’re strong and determined, and in the end, you’ll get to explore, travel, and run. Find some pictures in magazines of running in a beautiful place, traveling somewhere you’d really like to go, etc, and put them up on a mirror or something you see every day. Let those be your motivators to help you reach your goal! Go, Aiyi!! :slight_smile: