Just a gray

I was starting to prep for my next visit with my neurosurgeon. It’s my first “annual” visit. The others were at 3 month increments because my “event” occurred in May of 2012.
Anyway, I prep for the visits. Thinking of questions, writing down what I think would be significant points, asking my family and friends if there was anything they noted. Just to make sure everything was addressed.
It was then I remembered the things I was missing about “the old me”. The old me had mild premonitions. Nothing about the future of the country or winning lotteries, just quirky little things. A number on a roulette wheel, a visit from an old friend, things like that. Oh, and for those who might say,“But you didn’t see the event!” Actually, I did see the phantom black/gray dog but that’s another tangent.
Something I miss about the old me, tasting colors and shapes. Someone was baking cookies and I had to exclaim, “Those cookies smell so MAROON!”. A few folks around me started looking for cover and at me as if I were having a bad acid trip. A man, two people behind me in line, said he’d heard of the condition.
Vanilla was broad. Orange kind of sharp. Cinnamon like sand paper. Just for examples.
My head now feels clear, except for when they tried Gabapentin rather than Neurontin. I don’t dream like I used to.
It’s just about being another gray.

It sounds like you were experiencing Synesthesia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia
Which I think is totally awesome. Its sad that you lost that part of yourself but its good you are healing.