June 10, 2010! The next journey begins!

I had my Gamma Knife Procedure done on Thursday, all went well as far as I can tell but then again I had NO symptoms prior to my fall. I say no symptoms, they were there just never knew any different, they were my way of life. It apppears I had some sort of melt down during the procedure and the docs had never wittnessed anything like it so back to the room and medication for me. After that all went as planned. I arrived home to flowers and food and cards and gifts. So many people who showed they cared. Problem now lies within the expectations of those closests to me, those who did none of those things. Their lives went on as though "Mommy" had been off to see a friend for a couple of days nad now she is back and so is life. I am not ready for that. I am not ready to be strong yet. I am not ready to forget what I have been through. I am not ready.

My Doctor and I had a nice talk about this site and some other things I have come across in my journey, he is excited! He has always wanted to start an Awareness Group and needs somone to be a spokesperson and his "poster child"! It will be Me! I meet with him within the month and details will be discussed then. I have a new journey.

Lori it is wonderful to hear you are doing so well after your Gamma. It is so awesome your doctor is going to start and awareness group!!! The more there are the more people will know. Never forget what you have been through! It is not over yet and never never forget you are strong! Take your time getting back to everything and rest. You need it. Prayers for a safe and speedy recovery.

Hello Lori. It’s wonderful to hear that you had gotten through your procedure well. How are you feeling now? Be sure to take it easy. It may (or may not) take a while until you’re strong again. It’s wonderful that you and your doctor are planning to start an awareness group, many need to know more about a defect that is hardly known.

Good luck on your next journey. I had a Gamma Knife almost two years ago. I am here if you ever want to talk.

Best, Leslye