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July 7th London Meet Up


Hey everyone!

Time for another meet up! We will be going for lunch at 1pm on the 7th of July :smiley:

The venue to be confirmed soon! Please let me know of any requirements for the venue.

I look forward to seeing you all,


Hello, AVM bleed at 23, living in London - soon to be undergoing gamma knife

Hi Corrine

Where will you be meeting?

Jane x



I might be able to do 7th, so put me in the mix.

If Jane is up for it, we’ll need somewhere wheelchair-friendly.



Hey @Jaycee @DickD

Currently looking into accessible venues which also will cater to differant peoples food preferences. Will let you both know once venue is confirmed!



Hello everyone ! I just signed up on this website so I am not sure if I am writing at the right place. I am not living in the UK but I will be there for a month in July and I was just going through the UK AVM group to see if anything was going on there. I would be very happy to meet some other people going through an AVM journey. I apologise however if this is only a meeting for people who already know each other ! Just let me know if it is not the place here for me to write that.


Claire, you’d be very welcome. It is an open invitation. Richard


Thank you very much ! Would it be ok if i confirm my presence only a few days before ? I will arrive in the UK on the 4th and i would only then be able to know a little bit more about my program. Looking forward to meet everyone !


Yes. Once we know who is coming, we tend to move the conversation to a private message, so we can talk details, sometimes mobile phone nos etc so we can be sure to communicate well and all be in the same place

Corrine is our organiser-in-chief (and very good at it). She is also on Facebook and will be drumming up attendance on there, too. So dont worry if there appears to be only two or three people coming – Corrine will be drawing a number from Facebook, too.

I might come along instead to the Nottingham meet that Corrine is also touting, as it is much nearer for me.

We’ll keep you informed. It would be great to have you join us.


Great thank you very much ! I will be looking for more infos then.
Have a nice evening !


@DickD @Jaycee @chm @raj13

I have found a good venue at Pizza Union Spitalfields. It is wheel chair accessible with a accessible toilet too (called in to double check this). It is also vegetarian,vegan and gluten free friendly. Prices look great too!

It is near by to multiple stations including liverpool street (both tube and rail), Algate and moorgate tube stations too.

What do you all think?

Venue website: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186338-d4681808-Reviews-Pizza_Union_Spitalfields-London_England.html


Hi, Corrine,

The ratings for the venue look very good. The prices in the photos look super cheap. I’m less sure I’m inspired by the photos of the pizzas but hey.

I am balancing whether I come here or to the Nottingham one. If you’ve got v few friends for Nott and likely to cancel, I’ll come down to London; otherwise I might need to leave the South East crowd with you this time.

In regard to the venue, I’d say hard surfaces (wooden floor) and one, open room rather than somewhere with softer surfaces or broken into smaller rooms is likely to be quite noisy… just a consideration if anyone has difficulty hearing and conversation is key. But not for me to worry about if I’m prioritizing Nottingham. Difficult to find quieter venues these days.

Looking forward to catching you somewhere!



For London I have 9 people interested in going on facebook. I have invited few other folk that are not on facebook too. I totally get you about it being an open room, wooden floors - issue is finding inclusive, accessible venues is not an easy job here in London! I will ask if possibly they can keep any music playing low for us. If I find somewhere else I’ll let you know :slight_smile:


Hi Corrine

I can be there and maybe I can talk Mia into coming too! What time are you thinking of?

Best wishes

Jane x


Hi Jane, It will be amazing to see you and hopefully Mia too! The plan is to meet at the resturant at 1pm. Let me know whether you suceed to convince Mia so I can get a good idea of numbers but I can always book a couple seats extra just incase too.

Looking forward to meeting you in personm




I will work on her and let you know x


Guys, I should have said this at least yesterday but I’m pretty sure I’m a “no” for lunch on Saturday. Far too many things to fit into the weekend and “lunch in London” for me wipes out the day, really.

I’m sorry to say no and I’m sorry to say it awfully late.

Hope you’ve got enough for a good get together.

Lots of love all,