Julie's Update


As you may or may not have read in my profile, it's not me that has an AVM, it’s my fiancé Julie. It was discovered in 2008 along with an Aneurysm after she suffered a Brain Haemorrhage.

Our world stood still for what seemed like an eternity, I still don't think we're fully in synch with the rest of the earth's population yet as our life has taken a different path than all of our friends.

During the first few weeks of Julie's illness I found it increasingly hard to keep people informed of her recovery. I'd find myself leaving the hospital at 8.30pm with my mobile (cell) glued to my head for the next 4 or 5 hours. I'd finally get to bed at some unholy hour and then it would all start again in the morning. Don't get me wrong I wanted to speak to friends, but at the same time I was going over and over the same thing time and time again.

Julie and I have two dogs and it was this reason that took me two dog’s forums on the internet. Some of our friends told me that there were messages for Julie that I should read. The outpouring of love for her was amazing. I just sat with tears in my eyes.

To cut a very long story short I started to send emails to family and friends in order to keep them all up to date with Julie's progress. I also posted them on the above mentioned dog forums so that her extended friendship base was also kept up to date.

The first of these update messages went out a few days after her haemorrhage and I've recently sent out Chapter 40 titled "Two new words".

I'm so glad I started writing these updates as it gives Julie an insight into what was happening around her at the time and it also gives us chance to look back and realise how lucky we all are.

We've recently had our eBook published that tells the tale of when my fiance suffered a stroke 3 weeks before our wedding (caused by either an AVM or an Aneurysm). For more info, take a look at the following page:


Keep smiling everyone.

Regards James and Julie

We used caringbridge.org which was an excellent way to keep friends and family updated, as well as recieve messages for Andrew. The bonus I discovered later is it was a journal of our long journey.

Hi Janice, thanks for that, I’ll take a look. Regards James

Hey guys: Love you both and will always keep you in my thoughts and prayes…we wil meet someday I am sure…hey you know a jersey boy! Good taste lol! Serously you will have a wonderful life together when you like this challenge be past history! Love you! Mare (the blue head lol)