Judee pat

last december 7th. i had surgery for what one doctor thought was a cancer tumor in my brain, they found an infection instead but he still looked at it as a tumor and some of my treatment was delayed. 8 days later while in rehab, i started falling and my face started going numb. i don’t remember much. i had to have another brain surgery, this time there was much more damage. it was an infection, it had gotten angery (doctor’s term for it), this time, covering one third of the left side of the brain i couldn’t use my right side or talk or form sentenses. they treated the infection with meds never finding the actual cause of the infection. while in rehab nothing was done for my legs as far as blood clots until my family requested a pump and ted stockings. my left leg was just short of splitting from the pressure of the endema and the right not far behind. needless to say i ended up having three surgeries on my legs and will be on coumadin the rest of my life. i have been lucky, i can walk with a cane but my right hand and leg have numbness and little use of my hand. i have more headaches than i did before this happened but can function. of course, through all of this i was found to have two avm’s on either side of my brain. friday i go to henry ford detroit to have treatments on them. i know how fortunate i’ve been through all of this but it’s hard when my family doesn’t understand how tired i get. maybe through this i can see i’m not alone

wow you have been through so much…were the avms mistaken for cancer?..i wish you the best of luch with your treatments…stay strong and keep positive sending lots of positive energies your way

I had blood clots in my right leg also woke up one morning and my leg had swelled up called 911 this happened after my third angio gramm in two week Later I found out I had Factor V Leiden a blood disorder and I’m on coumadin now also I couldn’t walk for a while by myself then I could do 10 ft then 20 now I’m up to 2 miles a day two yrs later Hang in there Gordon

Hi Judy,

Sorry the doctors weren’t able to figure out what was going on with you earlier and for all of the pain you have gone through. Good luck with your treatments, and I hope they will lead you on the path to recovery.

Also sorry that your family isn’t understanding about how tired you get, but I’m glad you found your site and realize that there are people who understand exactly what you are facing.

Take care,


Hello Judy .
You certainly are one brave , courageous , determined and gentle woman . You most certainly are not alone !
I hope all goes as well as can be on friday and that you have found the correct path for treatment and healing .
Nobody chooses this journey as a part of their life , it can be most arduous , frightening , confusing , and so on and on ; Yet here you are searching out support , while seeking treatments and answers all in the same years time that most people have not changed so much as one routine . You have accomplished a great deal . You have worked extremely hard . You have tired me out simply thinking about all you have done . You are amazingly strong and you can be tired sometimes , it is o.k. , you know that , yes ?
I wish you the best possible result(s) on Friday .
Be good to you . Take care of you .

thanks for making me your friend. i had heard about this site but didn’t think it was for me. i was so wrong. every one has been so nice and so helpful. i know i couldn’t have done anything without my family, 3 adult daughters, teen grandchildren and my husband but i think they are too close to it and hurt too. but knowing and reading every one’s comments have freed me fom my frustations. although i knew i wasn’t the only one with these problems but now i don’t feel so alone. make sense? i’ll let ya all know how i do friday.