Joint issues-cracking and tension

Hi my son is a survivor of an AVM bleed in the Werneke area of the brain, left side. He was treated at Clumbia Presbyterian with Gamma Knife because multiple drs felt it was inoperable. He was 6 at the time and now he is 9 and I consider him to be a living miracle.
He has had his ups and downs emotionally. He is mostly recovered but has some deficiencies. He is doing very well for the most part but just recently he started feeling this need to crack his knuckles to the point where it is keeping him up at night and driving him crazy. He has no pain or inflammation, just a strong urge to crack and stretch all of his joints-hands, legs, feet. I had him tested for lyme's, lupus and everything in between. Then I took him to a rhuematologist and he saw no swelling. So the dr's are baffled and think it's all in his head.
Does this sound at all familiar to anyone?

It sounds like OCD. If you can get him to a neuropsych, that would be best.

That's what I thought but his current therapist doesn't think so. I just started him with a new therapist a month ago

I don’t know whether his therapist would be qualified or not. It depends on whether it is a psychiatrist or psychologist or how familiar they are with brain injury or with OCD.I would suggest another opinion from a specialist.

I had a full evaluation from a top notch psychiatrist who diagnosed him with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, not OCD. The treatment is therapy. I am just not sure if the cracking is connected.