does any1 know of any low impact professions i can pursue from home??? i have suffered severe brain trauma f stroke but have worked hard over the pst yr for recovery Im about to finish my degree but am weary of what kind of work i can apply it to that will help me contribute to my sons future and my eventual independence thank you all for the consideration


p.s. my current deficits- vertigo, (slowly improving) memory loss, Left side loss of sensation and right eye strabismus(getting corrected soon w/surgery). i use a walker 4 now but we will see what improvements come from surgery

eileen- i studied Communication but long story short I will be recieving my degree shortly the college is allotting me a general BA in liberal arts, my accident ha[[ened b4 my very short last term of school sp im proficient in the communications field but the focal descript of my degree will be more open i guess i am definately looking to work from home i am just not sure exactly what to do