Jaw pain after craniotomy

I had a bicoronal (temple-to-temple) craniotomy in Dec 2017 to remove an unruptured AVM (thankfully!) and I’ve been pain free from at least incision and major headaches for a few months but still need Tylenol or ibuprofen once a day for jaw/bone and muscle pain. Bc of the type of cut, the muscle was moved and they said this will definitely be the most common place forpain. Just curious if others have had this type of pain. It feel slike a deep bone pain that radiates to my the side and back of my head. I feel very blessed bc I can use only motrin and be overall pain-free. Thanks!

Hey Emicog,
My craniotomy was not temple to temple, in fact mine was right in the centre of my crown, so no muscle structures were affected. My sister in law also had a craniotomy that did involve her jaw and I can remember her complaining of jaw pain. She was on some heavy duty pain meds but still had break through pain. I would suggest that if you can manage on Motrin you are very fortunate.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team