Jan 29 2013

the count down has begun...two weeks and ill be on the table. im getting very nervous now and wondering constantly what the pain will be like afterwards. i am freaking myself out. i go monday to see the anesthesiologist they said that appt is a minimum of 2 hours. what are they gonna do? i thought id just have to fill out paperwork but seems more detailed than that.
this whole thing is scary when youre doing it alone. im having a hard time figuring out help with my daughter when i return home. this whole thing i find is frustrating...im sorry for ranting im sure theres others who are worse off than i am

You'll also have some blood drawn for bloodwork during the anesthesiology pre-op appointment.

Hi I know how scary all this is right now. I had a craniotomy to remove mine a little over a year ago. The hardest part will be patience with yourself in your recovery time. For everyone it is different and unique to them. I do suggest you try and find 1 supportive friend you can call and share frustrations with who will listen and tell you its going to get better but help you do so. At first you may get frustrated with yourself. Some things you will excel at quickly after surgery and others may be more slow and hard. Just remember the important thing is don’t give up. There might be days you want to but don’t give in to those. It is going to be hard but with your determination and support from all of us you will get through this. At your doc visit you most likely will have an ekg done as well. Also after surgery anything that you have questions bout don’t be afraid to ask. No matter how small they may seem to you they could be key in your recovery. Hang in there and if ever you want to talk just inbox me here I be glad to just listen.

to be fair my craniotomy was done as an emergency little less than a year ago, so I never experienced any fear as I was pretty much in outer orbit :o)..... stay strong and have good faith that you will overcome all odds. I have a good family / friends support network and they are crucial in bringing me back to be the best I can be.

Hi Carrie,

I didn't have a full crani for my aneurysm but did have an endoscopic crani to "cauterize" my aneurysm located in my ventricle in July of 2012. It did bleed and that is why I ended up in the hospital and in the ICU for almost 2 weeks. To be honest I didn't have much head pain after at all, if any. The worst part was that my butt hurt because i was pretty much stuck in bed for 10 days. I had never really had surgery before this and was quite a bit freaked out but after talking with my doctor he helped to ease some of my fears. I know that yours is a little different as your AVM is in your foot, but I am sure that you should be fine afterwards :).

I am sure that your anesthesiologist is just going to do some testing to make sure that your heart function is normal and that your bloodwork is normal.

Good luck and keep us posted on how everything goes!! I am sure you will pull through with flying colors!