Jaime update as of Nov. 18, 2009

Happy to report that Jaime is doing well. She actually just got straight As in school…Yea ! She’s still on Dilantin and Kepra…tried to wean her but it brought on her first obvious seizure so they increased everything again. The biggest issue at this point is that she does seem to have some depression. We’re thinking it’s unrelated but possibly being complicated by all that she’s been through and maybe the medication too. Not really sure but we’re bringing her to speak with somebody this Friday.

Hi Mary,

Great news that Jaime is doing well.Congratualte her for me on the straight A report card. Hope Jaime can find relief from the depression she now is facing.

Best wishes,


Thanks very much Debbie. She’s happy that we’re bringing her to a counselor so I think we’re doing the right thing. She’s been through a lot and keeps so much inside… I’m looking forward to Friday.

Sometimes, we just want somebody to listen to us. Locking it up inside depresses us further. Just be her ear and continue holding on to your faith.