Jaclyn's 3rd Gamma Knife date is set!

Hi guys! Just wanted to share with you that I finally got the date of her next Gamma Knife. This will be her 3rd treatment in six years so I pray that this will bring good news finally! She’ll get an MRI done in a few weeks to be sure no sign of brain swelling as there was in November and then off to Philadelphia on April 8th for the Gamma treatment. The angiogram the morning of the treatment will hopefully give us the good news we’ve been waiting for! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as she gets ready to enter another chapter of her life.

Have a good night,

Kim (Jaclyn’s mom)

good luck and I will be thinking of you both
:slight_smile: Lianne

Our plan is to share with everyone when we come to California in May that it is alllll GONE!

And as a little “fun” for Jaclyn (and practice for me) “Shalon’s Super Stylish Shimmies” is going to have a little creation for the April treatment! I’m thinking this really could be something positive that I could do for all of us who have to frequent the hospital. I have to figure out the patterns and sizes and such…maybe this will all work out as something I could actually do to lift the spirits of all of us girls who have to go in for frequent hospital trips!
I’m excited because Jaclyn has picked out some material and is keeping it a surprise until it arrives at my door step! So in the next few weeks, we should see some more “super model” pictures of this beautiful girl!!!

We will be thinking about you Jaclyn. Hope this is the last trip in your long journey.

Thank you Lianne and Janice for the kind words. I am really counting on Shalon’s great masterpiece to bring Jaclyn the good luck she needs! I’m sure it will be the ‘talk’ of the Gamma Knife suite! Shalon…you are the best!

kim…i have both you and jaclyn in my prayers and i am sure the next post you make will be telling us it is all gone…just remember it takes rain to make a rainbow and lemons to make lemonade, and sometimes it takes difficulties to make us stronger and better people …the sun will shine again soon…you’ll see…can’t wait till that next blog post…stay strong and positive it will happen xxxx

I will be thinking of you all on that date!!! So do I have this right?-that the angiogram may tell you that she doesn’t need another Gamma treatment that day!? Is that right?
Can’t wait to see her new gown…

Hi Joy! You have it right but not likely. She had gotten a MRI every 6 months for 5 years and everything looked to be scaring up. He told us that it was possible that all they had to do was go in and ‘finish it up’ and they viewed the angiogram. (That was in Nov of 07) Well, they did the angio and that actually revealed something they hadn’t seen all that time on the MRI. The original location of the AVM had scared but another new area had formed and it was twice the size. (9cm) Because of it’s size, they would only radiate (Gamma Knife) 1/2 of it. So, here we go to do the other 1/2 on April 8th. I know miracles do happen so that is what I am praying for.