I've lost track again

I am exhausted.
But watching Scott's improvements every single day help ease the hurt of missing baseball games, not making dinners, being gone...
It is so hard to sit inside those 4 sterile walls all day. I feel claustrophobic sometimes.
But then he lifts up his head to me. He tells me what he needs. He pushes back when I pull. He smiles.

I almost feel guilty writing down that I am tired. I know that with out any doubt, Scott would do the exact same thing for me. And I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. The time that I am away, I am researching and writing and ready to go back to my husband.

I miss him when I am away.

It’s ok to be tired. He understands too. He will be forever grateful to you, I promise. I am to all my family that stayed with me.

Hi, Danijo! Thanks for the blog update. I will keep reading them and praying for strength for all of you.

That is a very normal feeling from a caring wife. We want to spend every waking moment with our loved one but our brain to gets tired, especially emotionally. Stay strong but please remember to take some time for you. I hate when people tell me that but I know I am better for my son when I do. This is going to be a very long road to recovery we must take care of ourselves too.


You are doing an amazing job. You were thrown into the mess so unexpectedly and you have risen to the challenge. I often catch myself smiling when I read your posts, because your absolute love for your husband is present in every message.

Are there any other relatives or friends that could 'take a shift' here and there so that you can get some sunshine and fresh air? I know I have said this before, but you can't stop taking care of yourself. Maybe a day of "normal" back home every once in a while is what you and your family need. Scott is so lucky to have you!