I've Lost My Husband

I wasnt sure where to put this. I really feel i needed to share. I had my craineotomy in dec on the 9th 2021. So its been close to a year. It was really hard on my husband. He had to learn how to wash, fold, dishes, dishwasher, vaccum. Everything really. He never did it before my stroke. June 16th would have been 50 years of married life together. He died on november 1st, suddenly, in our home, of a massive heart attack. Im honestly still in shock. I feel so sad that he died. I always asked him what if im not like i used to be ever! He said itll be ok. We will take it as it comes. He was not a happy man. I wonder if my stroke was too hard on him. He gave up trying after he retired 5 yrs ago. Im really sad. Im so thankful i had my stroke when i did because he really helped me to recover so much. He just let me sleep and rest. Rest in peace my husband. Loves :heart:


@Debbie I am so sad you’ve lost him. I can’t imagine how you are, not least on a day like Thanksgiving. I think it’s a wonderful thing when two people rely on each other so much: it shows a great bond of trust that you looked after the house and he looked after the money. It is also reflected in him stepping in to look after you when you needed that. As he said “It’ll be OK”.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth reminded us after she lost her husband that mourning is the price we pay for love.

Thank you for thinking to share on here. I hope it helps a bit to share.

Very best wishes,


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I’m so sorry for your loss Debbie. I am thinking of you, and I completely agree with Richard passing along from an incredible lady, mourning is the price we pay for love. Take Care, John


Mourning really is the price we pay for love! She said it right. Thank you so much for your kind words Dick. 50 years was so long and so long ago. I adored that man or boy when i was 17 and we met. He was so beautiful to me. Weve had a good life mostly. We have 3 grown beautiful sons. 48, 45, &40. They are wonderful and im so glad they are all near. I keep waiting for him to get home and thats when im most sad. I remember that this is it. He wont be home. Thank you for responding. :heart:


It’s a very strange stage of life but it’s good to know your sons are quite close by. My wife has lost her father (during the first year of the pandemic but not due to the pandemic) and she misses him remarkably. Again, that feeling of “He’s out. He’ll be back soon.” draws her mind occasionally, which is difficult but in some ways is a celebration of the love between two people.

I think it’s amazing to have such a long history with someone, to grow up together to the extent that you and your husband did.

Lots of love :heart:


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Thanku Richard. That means alot to me. Im so exhausted. Im still recovering surgery. Dec 9 will be a year. Im mostly tired. Still a bit dizzy, not too bad tho. But this has made me even more exhausted. I just want to get thru to the other side. I always thought id go first since my brain stroke and all. It was a total shock. Thanku for your response. Good to see Dick and Richard are still here…

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Dick and Richard are both me! (You’re missing out John. He’s still here, too!)

Good to know your getting better bit by bit. I’d hope that you’ll get better still: just keep at it!

Hi Debbie, Condolences! Be kind to yourself please. Best wishes, Greg

Thanku greg. That was my husbands name too. When i typed out dick and richard i said to myself " that would be funny if this is the same one!" Lol. Know wonder u both sound so sweet. Thanku all so much…

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Dear @Debbie

I am so sorry for your lost. I really hope and pray that you and your family are doing well. “ It is sad to loose someone we love, we take comfort in knowing that God has found them”

All the best


Dear Debbie,

I cannot imagine how difficult it is for you to sustain such a loss at this time. Fifty years of marriage, three sons, and all the memories you had together…

You have already given thanks for the great assistance he provided to you in your recovery. You both learned a lot from that challenging year and it brought you closer together. Do not blame yourself for his heart attack. The factors that brought it on were present years before.

Wishing you support in your sorrow and strength in your continued recovery.



Thanku for your kind sweet words. Much love

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