IVC filter placement

Hello all...after I had my bleed in February , I didn't move as much as I wanted and I developed blood clots. Becasue they couldn't use blood thinning medication, they put an ivc filter in. I just went to get it removed, but they said they couldn't because it was tilted. We got a second opinion , and he said the same thing...that I should leave it. Has anybody has experiences like this? If so, what happened? What risks am I running by keeping this sucker in me?

Hi Eric, I had an IVC filter put in after my stroke. It was the temporary variety, so they took it out after a couple of months. I would read up on the subject as much as possible, then look for a good doc for another evaluation. I’d think that being so close to the city you could find someone capable of removing it. You’re a young man, so I’d try and get it out if at all possible. Here’s an article that explains different ways to retrieve them, even if they’re tilted:


Don’t give up hope - you can do it!

Great article Tim. Thanks so much for posting this for Eric. It looks like even if the filter is tilted, there is still a way to retrieve it. It may be more difficult if it is titled, but certainly a distinct possibility. You probably need to find a very qualified and experienced Neuro to take care of the procedure. Please let us know how things go for you and as you looking for a doctor, perhaps their experience in removing the IVC filter becomes of paramount importance. Best of luck Eric.