It's set!

I spoke with Dr. Spetzler’s office and we start the pretest and labs, meet with the doctors and MRI on March 10. Next step we do a CTA, Angio with possible embolization on March 11. Surgery is scheduled for March 12. I always say stress is my best diet and I could lose about 10 lbs. lol. I was reading someone’s profile last night and their daugther had wrote a really cool piece about how Life isn’t a fairytale, but what you make it and to make the most of it. But, I was thinking wouldn’t it be nice to go back to that place in life where you believed your dreams do come true, that you are invincable and strong enough to handle anything that comes your way. That if you lived your life right and worked hard that good things will come your way. That you just lived life and didn’t fear what it would hand you next. I do because I am so frickin scared out of mind that I can barely function, but I will get us to Phoenix and I will help my son through this and just as always he won’t see how scared I am. Watch out Kate Winslett because I up for the best actress award next year!
Thanks for listening.

one thing is for sure…parents will always stress and worry over their children no matter how old they are. My dad freaks out over me all the time. I am thinking good thoughts for andrew and also praying for him and that everything is easy on him and he recovers as fast as possible and can return to living life and hopefully loving it.

Well said, Janice. Those are words of incredible honesty and wisdom. My heart is aching for you and for Andrew. This is just so unbelievable and I can’t imagine what you going thru. You will get thru this but that doesn’t help you now. I hope you have a strong family support behind you to lift you up and walk beside you. March 12 is my daughter’s birthday and I will be thinking of you for sure. Take care.

I know this is very scary, but at the same time I am very excited for Andrew! I’ve heard such wonderful things about Dr. Spetzler. I am praying for Andrew…I can’t wait to read your blog telling us that his AVM has been obliterated! You are a strong woman, Janice, and you will earn that award and help your son win this battle!

janice i have both you and andrew in my prayers…i hope all goes well as i am sure it will…keep positive stay strong xxx

Hi Janice, all of our love, hope, and prayers are with you. Remain strong as you are in good hands. Funny what you say about being an actress because I often think the same. It’s so hard to be strong for Andrew, yourself, and anyone else in your family. You can do it. He will do it. Hang tough and keep your faith!

Hi Janice and Andrew, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, good luck. I have lots of people give nothing but praise for Dr Spetzler, so you are all in good hands.