Its June. Its June 21st, Its the Summer Solstice

Reminders help.
After awhile you understand.
Its June. Its June. Its June

And then I leave for lunch,
you take a nap.

I walk in to the room and you KNOW.
No reminders needed.

We sit and talk.
You tell me to "just stay close"
I will, I have been.
I tell you, "I missed you, I missed you so much."
And you say, "I've been right here, pretty girl"


We called the kids. You talked to them.
Asked questions, gave them declarations of love.

Summer Solstice is full of magic, Ive always known this.
But you are my proof.

And tomorrow will be an even better day.

Magic indeed. Wonderful magic. :)

Hi Danijo, thanks for the recent comment and I continue to marvel at your eloquent blogs. Please keep writing and hi to Scott! Yesterday, we went to a wedding and I realized that it was the first day of summer and the longest amount of daylight too ... nice!

Hello, Danijo. This post reminds me so much of our time in the hospital at the beginning. That was six months ago now--in January, after Jackson woke up at last. Through all of this, I have felt very alone. I'm glad I have found this site, and your posts. Thank you.