Its good news but

Well the docs finally got the right combination of medication to help Wendy with her severe headaches. I go in today to see my wife and there is news for me. She is going to be moved to another hospital, a Neurologic Rehabilitation. I was getting used to the short 40 minute drive to see Wendy, now she is moving to a hospital that is 2 and half hours away!!! Man this hit me like a ton of bricks. My stomach starting hurting and I became angry. Once speaking with the docs they said insurance will not cover her anymore here and she needed to go elsewhere(Neuro rehab), which is better and what she actually needs. I calmed down a bit and starting thinking the traveling is going to be horrid now. 5 hours of driving to see her and still work? Then some other news, she will actually be in the Neuro rehab about 30 days and she will then be likely discharged to go home, with of course outpatient rehab. I have mixed feelings now, not only will I be home alone lonely but I might be seeing my wife less the next 30 some odd days. It basically will go down within the next couple of days, but before Xmas. This whole experience is rough. But I think I see the light at the end if this dark tunnel. I left the hospital seeing my wife crying cause she didn’t want to be moved so far away from me. I calmed her down and said 30 some odd days, 30!

I know it’s been hard on you . She has been doing ao good maybe it won’t take 30 days ! I WISH YOU BOTH THE BEST

i know it is a hard time iwas in rehab for 9 weeks…my husband used to travel there and back every day after work…a neuro rehab is the place to be…they specialise in this type of thing…just think 30 days isn’t very long when you can spend the rest of your lives together…thats when life will really begin…thats how i look at my life now …it’s only the begining…i know it’s hard but specialised rehab is for the best…stay strong and just think of how much time you will have to spend together once this is all over…you are both in my prayers

Is moving near the neuro rehab center a possibility?

JW- 2 hours is hard. That must be tough. And I know it doesn’t really help when people say “it’s only 30 day” but really…it IS only 30 days. Look at it this way, it has already been 30 days since she had treatment. And really, how quickly has the time gone by? And this was the worst part, having the treatment, seeing her struggle at the beginning. You know the next 30 days will be hard for different reasons, but you know you are both strong enough to do it! It’s gonna suck, no doubt. But in just 30 days, she will be home with you. So that is totally something to look forward to! You guys should get matching calendars to count down until those 30 days are up! Hang in there. I hope you are able to enjoy the holiday season at least a little.

omg. That is going to be so tough. I think when she gets to the rehad place, HER days will be filled up with therapy and lots of needed resting afterwards so you’ll have to time your visits around her new schedule. Give yourself a few days to get your head around this new situation. I’m sure you will see improvements in her every time you go and you are right, 30 days will fly by and you will probably need to make some arrangements at home too so there is a lot to do and think about. Keep your chin up. You have done so well already. If you can stay positive, so will she.