Its funny, so i wanna share! enjoy

i've always heard that laughter is the best medicine. it keeps us looking young, plus it just feels better to smile. so i thought i'd share a story that really tickled me. hope you like it!

one day an athiast was walking through the woods enjoying everything the ''miracle of evolution'' had created. suddenly he came upon a bear. the athiast began to run, looking behind him every 10 or 12 feet. but each time he looked the bear had gotten closer. until one time he looked back and the bear was on top of him. the bear knocked the athiast to the ground. the bear held him down with his right paw and brought his left paw in the air to strike.

''oh, my GOD''.the athiast cried.

everything froze. GOD'S voice came down at him.

''for years you deny me and teach others i do not exist''. GOD said. ''yet you want my help now''?

the athiast replied, ''it would be very stupid of me to ask you for help now, but perhaps you could make the bear a christian''?

''no problem'' GOD said, and everything started again.

just before the bear was to strike, he brought his right paw to his chest and raised his left to join it.

the bear bowed his head and said ''Lord, for this food i'm about to recieve i am truly grateul''!


Hi Chrystal. I thought it was funny too!!! Did you know there is a a laughter and humor sub-group on here...

I think you should join in the fun!!

Hey Chrystal…Love it!!, thanks for sharing it, so funny.