It's Finally Here, 1st Year Followup to 1st AVM

It’s Finally Here, 1st Year Followup to 1st AVM Bleed. I don’t know how say anything about these appointments scheduled for 5 December other than the euphoria and the fear of what is and what is not. I wonder if there is a better way to look at this other than the worry it causes me.

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It can be overwhelming. I wish for you great news. We’re all here for you.

We all know how you feel, stay calm and be positive, everything will work out, take care

Well I know to take calmly. The part that bothers me is the uncertainty you go through while waiting for the test results to be told to you. Waiting is the the hardest part and you have to accept that.


I agree.

How do you feel about your health? Do you feel any better, or about the same, or do you not have any symptoms from it anyway? I’m hoping that if you feel better, you will be better.

Best of luck!


As for general health, I feel pretty good most of time. I sometimes feel like I’m in a fog, I still have diplopia, but as time passes it has gotten much better, but still some issues. Balance was a big proble, now not so much anymore. Trying to find out of my hearing problem is a result of the stroke, but it is probably a result of bad hearing as a result of military service. The best way I can put it, is do the best I can on a daily basis.
Thanks for asking.

Well here’s hoping the best!

We’ll thank you.


How was your 1st year follow-up? I pray you had a positive outcome. Wishing you all the best!

Sharon D…

Thank you for the message. As a matter of fact, considering all that has happened to me, all tests and results came out far better than I thought they would. They cannot find anything abnormal, MRI clean, no trace of AVM, won’t have to see Dr. Rockhill (Interventional Radioaogist) for another year. Dr. Francis (Opthamologist) say’s it’s ok to drive again, just keep in contact with my local Opthamogist if any problems with diplopia come up, see Dr. Francis only if I encounter any severe problems with diplopia again. So yes a very long day, but very good.
Sincerely,Les Roberts

Fantastic! That is just great to hear!

Carry on going the right way! Very best wishes,


Sharon, I forgot to add, Dr. Rockhill said just remember to be cautious and care full especially since I will now be able to do things I was doing before the bleed.

Richard, thanks for comments. This AVM user site I will keep using. Some very caring, smart people, and just the general discussions are a big help. The emotional support and general discussions in support of those suffering AVM issues is second to none.


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Sorry, LESR, but I am always late w/my emails, but here I am now. My prayer are with you, and soon, I hope your future will be BRIGHTER!!!

Lisa A. Stuckel

Thanks. All appears good at this point.

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Congrats, LESR!