It's been a year!

It has been a year since I found out about my avm. The waiting is driving me crazy!!! And I still have to wait another month to see if the radiation is working! This sucks! To make matters worse my headaches seem to possibly be coming back. :frowning:

Hi Stephanie. Just make sure that you go back to your doctor if you have any more symptoms. My son had Gamma a year ago and then experienced side effects this summer- 1 year after treatment. And yes, the waiting is crazy. I found it easier once we had passed the one year mark- don’t ask me why. I guess I feel like it must be a little bit smaller!?!? My son’t MRA showed some shrinkage so we were pleased.
Good luck with your check up. What was your radiation date?

Hi Stephanie,

Sorry to hear that the headaches are returning, and I hope that you find out that the rediation treatments have been effective. Keep us posted.

Take care,


Hi Stephanie I know how you feel. My headaches never went away. Sometimes they are worse now than before i started treatment. For me its been almost 3 years since my nightmare started. On December 13 th it will be exactly 3 years since i found out. It has been 2 yrs and 3 months since my radiation. It is nor working that great, I need another round in march. So i hope you get good results next month. I have my fingers crossed for you! Andrea