Its been a while

Hey Everyone, I am so sorry for not being on…I have not been supportive of anyone and I apologize because you have all been so very supportive to us. Ever since losing my job I feel like I put this avm stuff on the back burner. Thank god Madison was stable so I could do that. Madison is doing very well she got her braces off and I havent seen any night time bleeding (thank god). Tomorrow I am taking her to the neurologist due to her still having facial tics that have not subsided. She wasnt feeling good this week so her avm was a little swollen other than that she is a ok…How is everyone else. I miss you all…I hope you all are ok…Love us

No worries Maddysmom! I figure sometimes on here you can “give” and sometimes you just “take” and that is just fine with all of us! Just concentrate on yourself and making sure Maddy is okay. You have your hands full. take care.

Hi maddysmom… i hope maddy is feeling better and i am glad you are back it gives me a chance to chat with you !!

It’s good to see those red shoes around again…hope everything is good with you and your daughter.

I do so want to come steal those shoes…
Instead I send positive thoughts and loving prayers.
You and Maddy are strong and brave and that can be a lot of hard work. Be good to you. Take care of you. Have a happy and blessed Easter.