Its been a while

I used to be on here almost every day, but since I had my gamma knife haven’t been on much. Mostly because I have been busy with a new job and school but partly because right now I’m in what me and my family refer to as hold mode. I had my gamma knife on June 5th and don’t go for my fallow up MRI until December 27th. I’m not a very patient person and am dying to find out if the gamma knife even worked. So in the meantime have been trying forget about it and keep it off my mind and that is the reason I haven’t been on here much since then.
A lot has happened since the last time I was on here. I got a new job at the daycare on my college campus; I made the dean’s list last semester and got in to the degree program that I have been working towards and I had the opportunity to meet a girl that lives near me that also has an AVM. I also thought that this school year would be better/ more fun for me because I am starting to feel better and not having to worry about taking time off to have embolization’s, but I was wrong, because last year I never felt like going out or doing anything everyone got used to me not being around so now most of my weekends are spent either in the apartment alone or I travel home to my parents for the weekends. Im hoping things will get easier when all the waiting is over and I plan on trying to get on here a little more often.

Dear Erin, Its great to see you back here again. We all have these "get away" times - thats not a bad thing. Glad you have been able to meet up with another AVMer - it helps us to realise how truly 'normal' we really are. Take care. Tone

Erin..when my AVM was discovered and I had radiation..I just went on with my life. Right now, there is nothing you can do but stay positive and try to have some fun! Stay Strong!