Its been 6months since

I had Proton Beam done in January. I had my 6 month MRI about a week ago. A day later my doctor called with the results from the MRI. A large AVM is still present, but ITS SMALLER THAN IT WAS 6 MONTHS AGO!!! I still have to send that MRI to Dr. Chapman at Mass General and see what he thinks, but I’m feeling pretty good about it.


I got a letter from Dr. Chapman ( at mass. gen) and he says that there is definitely decreased blood flow to my AVM and its definitely smaller. I don’t need to have another MRI for at least 18 months. It looks like the Proton Beam may be doing what its supposed to. I’m feeling good.

Resa , Wonderfull news , smaller is better ! I pray you have the best result . Feel good , be good to you and take care of you .

Yeah !!! The Proton Beam is doing it’s job, I know hearing that is like winning the lottery for lots and lots of cash :slight_smile: