It's been 22 years since my brain bleed, June 25th, 1990

Hi my friends,

There is so much that happened 22 years ago, where can i begun?? It was a beautiful day outside near the pool in Lexington, MA i was complaining about a headache and vomiting as well, i was 6 years of age. My dad thought it was nothing so at home in belmont. The headache gotten worse and worse that evening my dad rushed me to Children's Hospital in Boston in his red honda civic 2 door hatchback. At the time my mom was in Maine for a little vacation and my sister was at sleepaway camp in Maine as well. Dr. Joseph Madsen MD took a ct scan on me and found a massive bleed in the temporol lobe. I remember i was in the hospital room my mom was in a foldout and it would buckled LOL. All though the 1990s i had so much behavioral problems i had a huge amount of anger and in expressing it. And then in 2005 i had a stroke i use to wear a leg brace and after the stroke i never ever had to wear it again and my right side is so more relaxed. It's a good time to look back on how much i overcame this tramantic ordeal. I remember so much of it and i always will i think. So many people a long the way helped and understood me what i was going though. I am such a stronger person today then i ever was. Amen

You are a SURVIVOR!