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It's back


I went to my neurosurgeon for a routine follow-up last week after my follow-up MRI the week before. I had hoped for the usual, "Everything looks fine, come back in a year," that I've gotten for the past three years. I have a new aneurysm on the feeding vessel of my previously obliterated AVM, and now my AVM is growing again. I'm petrified to say the least. I had to wait for insurance authorization for my angiogram, but they pushed it through for me. Thank goodness for awesome office staff. Anyway, the angio is scheduled for Wednesday, July 6th.

Everything is left occipital/parietal, and my vision is getting worse; a lot worse. I have the bad habit of ignoring my symptoms because I'm always told that they don't see anything other than the edema left from the radiation on the AVM. It's a bad habit. If you share that habit, I suggest you go see someone when you feel like something is different or wrong.

I'm hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.


Have you heard back from your doctor? I feel for you.My son’s avm has grown back too and we r also waiting to see our neuro surgeon…