Its a....GIRL!

Just wanted to tell you all that my big ultrasound was today…was actually getting a ultrasound for over 35 minutes! They looked her over really really well and said things were great. (yes I said HER) lol YAY! I knew I was right with it being a little girl. hehe. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to have a little girl here in my arms. The high risk doctor told me that I would have to have a c-section and he will also be calling my neurologist to chew him out for saying he didnt need to see me again til after the delivery! I will def. post pics of proof that its a girl. Dad is still saying its a boy tho. hahah. he is a big dork! Hope you all are doing well. And keep your chins up!

Wow, Brittany how exciting!!! I can help you with the baby stuff, but you’re on your own with the girl part of it, I just produce the boys who will date your Everything looked great that’s even better news. Trust me once dad sees that baby girl, he’ll being saying what boy. Congrats. Can’t wait to see the pics.

That’s very cool! Congrats! I must admit that I am a bit bummed, though, because “Jake” isn’t a very good girl’s name… ;O)

hurray hurrray!!! Yes, unfortunately “Jake” just will not do …but… “JOY” is a wonderful name!!! eh? how about it, Brittany!!! OR it’s a nice second name too!!! It’s my daughters second name! LOL

Okay, seriously, that is very exciting news so congratulations! You get to buy pink and Barbies and dollys!!! Take good care!

way cool,i knew it was for some reason,remember when we talked the other day,so excited for you both,caroline,hugs

Exellent news Brittany congrats to you both :slight_smile:

So does this mean I should plan for a super girl, pink gown?!?!?

I hope they are right:) Brittney let me tell you a funny ultra sound story.
When I had my oldest, now 22, close to your age:), the ultra sound guy kept saying look
at the little fellow go. He said it over and over. I thought, it has to be a boy because he kept saying little fellow. I was shocked when it was a girl LOL. In my book when you say “fellow”, you are talking about a guy. LOL When she or her is used, we’ll assume it has to be a girl:)
Congratulations !!! Girls are a lot of fun !!! I’m not sure why your neurologist didn’t need to see you, but I had two children and two caesareans and they didn’t know I had an avm so I’m sure you will be fine. Best of luck to you !!!


Ameenah! Too funny! A few years ago we had two people within a few months who were told they were having a girl, had the showers, all pink stuff, ready with the girl name…and they ended up with boys!!! It was a little funny but definately a surprise.

Brit- not to scare you or anything. I’m sure your tech’s made the correct gender decision! I don’t think they make mistakes THAT often!


Congratulations, Brittanny! How much longeer until she makes her appearance? By the way, is this your sister’s 2nd baby as well?

Hello you guys. :slight_smile:
This is mine and my twins first baby…neither of us have ever been pregnant before. So its pretty interesting. I was told the cesarean would be done before 39 weeks and maybe a little sooner just in case I go into early labor from the meds I am on.
The tech was so sure it was a girl she took multiple shots of that area and sent us home with copies of them, and the doc came in and also told us that it’s a girl. Lol and all along I had a feeling we were going to have a girl. First off, I was told I would NEVER be able to get pregnant…then actually got pregnant and discovered the due date was August 30th. (Which would have been my moms 43rd b-day) And the day before my mom passed (March 19th, 2008) she told me I was going to have a baby girl soon. She was always right about those things…infact…about a year before she passed she gave us the exact date from a dream she had that she was going to die. But somehow she passed away 1 day before. Ok…that was my weird goosebump story. haha. By the way we are thinking that the first name will be Maddison. :slight_smile:

congrats brittany !!! what absolutely wonderful news. I am so pleased for you both, hubby will be fine ! and your twin sister as well, how weird. Take care hun, lots love, chat soon hopefully, have missed you, much love, Chris x

That’s just awesome Brittany! I’m so pleased for you, not only that you’re going to have a baby girl but also that you are in such good hands with your doctors.
That really IS a goosebump story :o ~~~ doesn’t it feel like your mom will live on with your daughter, and you are the bridge between them :smiley: