It's a DAVF... Anyone have any info? Angiogram risks?

Following chat with my GP today he confirms that the consultant says I have a DVAF on my left side of head. (My self diagnosis was correct AND I suspect I have a TSSDAVF according to my symptoms)...What I don't know is if there is cortical drainage or anything else going on.

He said that my blood pressure etc was normal, he's checking my clotting factor just in case too...He say's apart from deep sea diving etc, I should continue with my normal exercise intensity... Which is good news... Though I will be cautious not to get kicked above the shoulders at Taekwondo. I guess that means the odd glass of wine is ok too? I hope!

I have decided to go private and am hoping to see a specialist in a couple of weeks...

What will be the next thing? An angiogram? What are the risks associated with these, does anyone know? Would a MRA be just as good.

Also, I'm allergic to contrast, does anyone know of any alternatives?

Also...can they treat you there and then whilst having an angiogram??

Thanking everyone here for all your help, and advice, kind words, strength and support. You all rock!

These are all excellent questions, poppy. We can give opinions on them, but definitely ask your doctor all of them when you have your appointment, as your doctor's will be the authoritative opinion in this case. If you type angiogram in the search box at the upper right, you will see many past discussions about angios. The majority of members here have had one, and many have had multiple angios. We hear of very few ill effects from angios here on the community. Whether it is an angio or MRA will be decided on by the physician. Most often, you will hear that angio is the gold standard and gives the most detailed view. For those allergic to contrast (I might even suggest writing on your arm in sharpie marker "allergic to contrast," so there is no way to overlook it), there are pre-emptive measures that can be taken to minimize a reaction. As to whether you can be treated at the same time as the angio, that is up to your physician as well as the findings, and should definitely be discussed beforehand.

Thanks, I will definitely discuss with consultant… Just wanted to clue myself up before hand! I am glad to hear that the majority don’t have problems. I guess it just sounds freaky that someone is going to access my brain via the veins in my groin? Makes me shiver thinking about it.I like to idea of marking on my arm with a Sharpie!
Thanks dancer mom, again, for your invaluable advice and support.

wildpoppy - yes please, no getting kicked in the head during sparring!

I can't speak to DAVFs at all, but I have had 5 angiograms in my course of treatment and will probably end up getting at least 3 more eventually. Risks during an angiogram include puncturing the artery with the catheter and causing bleeding, lesser risks are infection at the site they put the catheter in (they go in to the artery right where the thigh meets the pelvis).
I've never had any problems with my angiograms, but you can expect to be stiff and sore for a couple days afterwards, and they will insist that you lie flat with your leg straight for 3-6 hours after the procedure. Plus you will have a tiny little "knot" under the skin at the site of the angiogram. They'll probably want you to cool it at the dojo for a couple days after the angio if you get one, and trust me, you will NOT want to get tagged by a kick in the thigh area for a while. Plus, you'll get some awesome looking bruises at the top of the thigh, probably 4 inches by 8 inches,but since you take tae kwon do, it will probably be just another bruise in a collection of them and wont faze anyone who knows you well. Often you're awake during an angio, although sometimes if they're doing something long or slightly elaborate up there, they'll put you out.

Stay strong and best of luck!