It's a boy

Found out last week that we’ll be having a boy in January and, proving he is my husband’s child already, he is overactive and stubborn. At our last ultrasound he was so dead set on which direction he would face and how many backflips that he should be doing that I have to go back again later so they can finish the exam. I’m just happy that everything is progressing well and so far all the 10 millioin blood tests have come back well. I’ve let my husband choose the decor, which is airplanes (big surprise) and it’s actually pretty adorable. Guess he has taste afterall :slight_smile:
I’m reading a lot from people on here that their doctors have recommended c-sections for them due to their AVM. I keep waiting for them to tell me the same thing, but so far every doc we’ve talked to seems cool and collected and insists that assisted delivery is best. I’m happy with that although concerned about all the horror stories you here about assisted deliveries, but I also know that they are indeed just horror stories and for every bad story there are 100 good ones too.
Next ultrasound is in just under 3 weeks so we can try again to get photos of the little guy.

Yay!!! Fun news. So glad to hear that everything is going well. And airplanes was a good choice. That will be a fun room to decorate!
Interesting that the docs don’t seem so concerned and are cool with you not having a C-section. And yes, horror stories are just that. But it’s good that you are at least aware and if you start to become concerned and really want that C-section later, I’m sure they will accommodate.
But for now…happy flying for the little guy. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Beth…how exciting! How many weeks along are you?

Beth, absolutely wonderful news!!! Have you two picked a name yet?
We have two sons as well, they really are a joy! Take care.

20 weeks today pretty much and we’re just wading into the name pool!

beth a true gift from god, i am sending you beautiful positive energy xxxx