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It’s gone

Hi everyone! Bare with me. I had my right occipital lobe avm embollization on Thursday and crainiotomy Friday. I am having some vision troubles now (note the sloppy typing!!!) they got 100%! My docs at Jefferson in Philly were nothing short of amazing!!! They hope the vision changes are temporary. Looking for some success stories! I am so grateful to be on the other side of this. I feel like a superwoman!!!


@Kyle53 wow that is fantastic news ! Time to celebrate :tada:.
Love to hear stories like this .

This is fantastic!

Beware, though, that this is a long thing and you’ll have days when everything is less good. Don’t get down when those happen. It will take longer to be fully better.

I’ve definitely read stories where the vision impacts were temporary, driven by some swelling going on post op.

Well done you! Keep up getting well!

Very best wishes


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great news!

Great to hear, all the best! Take Care, John

Great to hear, Now rest. No running marathons for a while
Have to agree with everything DickD has said, there probably will be down days, remember them and celebrate the good days.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Thanks so much for the support. I’m so grateful and proud. Home which helps. I got behind on my Tylenol due to actually sleeping and that was a mistake. Working through that now. Amazed I’m only 2 days out of this after waiting to schedule 2 years.

Who was your doctor? I’ve heard Jefferson is a good hospital.

Gooch did the crani. Herial did the embollization. When I say amazing I mean it.

You are a miracle. Take it from me, you need to give yourself time to heal. Your brain has to adjust to your new normal. Think of this as hitting the reset button-lol. So glad you got through it with flying colors!!!

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Hi kyle,

Congratulations and thank God for the success of ur procedures and for ur complete recovery… I would like to ask to ask if before you had those procedures did you have hemianopia symptoms?? Or just have those temporary systems after procedures??? If before procedures, is it possible to be reverse specially after complete healing and recovery from cranio

Yes, Kyle, you ARE a Superwoman! You had the GUTS to move forward to make your life more easier to handle, right?