It,s been a while

It’s been 1 year and a month and a half since my avm ruptured.Every day I am reminded of what happened.Most days it,s dizziness, figuring where i am in space or being able to see with out working at it.Fatigue is a part of my life now.I found the hard way what happens when you drink to much coffee(seizure) I am easily confused and have to take my time with complicated things. Work is good I have learned to let the young guys do the heavy work.My sense of smell and my hearing is better.I have less headaches then at any time in my life so some things are better.I used to be a quite and easygoing guy but not any more.Now I am a crabby old man oh well I am alive.

My father had an hemorrhagic stroke when he was 56 and lost his right side.As much as I loved him I did not want to end up like him.Now at 47 I fear I my have or are at least on my way .Oh well Cat’s in the Cradle .

Thanks for reading my rambling.

Try to stay strong! Keep focusing on the positives (less headaches etc.)!!

Mike… Don’t hate me but Leander, Texas is just north of Austin where you’re truck was stolen. That was very weird to happen because they say that Austin is probably the best place in Texas to be. Sorry about your truck and it must have been compounded by being a classic. Again, very sorry to hear that.

I’m about the same age as you and work was certainly on my mind when I had my surgery back in Oct. 2006. They told me I’d be back to work in three months… Well that didn’t happen but I’m alive and they got out the AVM 100%. I understand your tired all the time now and too much coffee (which I have to have my morning cup) is not such a good thing but focus on all the blessings (and work) and don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re not your dad, you’re your own person. Oh and you’re not rambling, your feelings are very real. Feel free to reach out anytime and I sincerely hoped I helped in some way. Hang in there!