It’s been 8 years and unfortunately I am still unable to work, time to try to get disability. How do I do this?

Help, has anyone been successful in getting disability in Washington state? If so, what are the steps required? Thank you so much!

Hey Burygold
It doesn’t really matter where you are, getting disability can be VERY difficult. I tried to do it all myself in the first instance, but the assessors had me running all over the place trying to get documentation, reports, scans etc. If there was one piece of paper missing or not in the right order they would have me start the whole process all over again. I had dr’s wanting over $1500 to write up a report. I personally believe the whole idea was to make the process so difficult and so frustrating I would throw my hands up and just say “Too hard” and walk away from it all. But for me that was not an option.
So after 12 months of running around, ripping my hair out (what little I have left lol), I got a lawyer via a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement and this was the best thing I could have done. They dealt with it all and sure it cost BUT it saved my sanity (again, what little I had left) because dealing with the insurers myself was driving me into an early grave, which I’m sure was their preferred result.
I had to attend 2 appointments with their dr’s, one a neurologist and the other a psychologist and once I had proved I had taken EVERY reasonable step possible an exhausted every avenue open to me, they reluctantly paid me out. It WAS NOT an easy process at all, but it was a hell of a lot less stressful to have a lawyer, someone who knows insurance law and knows how to beat the insurers at their own game because as I say they (the insurers) will have you running around and around in circles until you collapse in defeat. Don’t let them, get yourself a lawyer, one who specialises in insurance law.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


Thank you so much!,