It feels like it never ends

Does it ever feel like you are constantly sick with one this after another. Ever since i was diagnosed with my AVM a year and a half ago i swear my whole life has changed. maybe it has just been the past 3 months since my embo.

i have this lump on my hip/groin at the moment which it turns out is an inflamed lymph node, my god it is seriously painful at times!! driving me insane!

but this afternoon it just feels like one hit after another! i had a blood test last thursday after my GP and i had some ideas about something which turned out to be true. I have Polycystic Ovaries. it's not a major in a way but its kind of intense and i suppose i am now in full freak out mode. it's weird cause i don't really want to tell many of my friends at home but this is one of the places i feel safe these days so i guess i just needed to tell someone!

I understand you and feel your frustration. I was not able to walk for 4 month because of a tumour in my foot. The day i got my air cast off and finally was off the pain meds my fiance had a seizure which led to the discovery of a brain avm. A co-worker told me that everyone has at least one bad year...maybe this is ours, but just remember that love and positivity can do great things. These bumps in the road now just means that in your near future life will be beautiful.

Everything will be okay and later you will look back and realize how strong you really are.

Hi, I understand you totally, I had endometrosis and after going though 6 IVF's gave up hope of having a child, 17 years later fell pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy, then had to have hysterectomy because the endometrosis had grown back. Had a few good years then found out I had Arnold Chiari Brain Malformation ,then found out I have Emphysema, I have had Asthma all my life, then the AVM and a couple of weeks ago found a few large lumps in my breast. I have had scans on these and they look like they are just cysts but have to see a specialist to have them tested. I am having my operation on the AVM at the end of the month so my boobs will just have to wait. So I really do know what you are going though and I don't really know what to say to make you feel better, but try to stay positive (which is really hard) Meditation can help as can Reiki and believing that everything will be ok (another really hard thing to do)

Take Care and be strong


Hi Kat, I’m sorry that you feel so overwhelmed. It’s an awful feeling, I have felt that way too. Since June last year, till Nov., my Dad was very ill, spent 5 months going to the hospital with my mother, he passed away Nov. 2’nd. I’m a Type 1 Diabetic taking 4-5 shots a day, that in itself, is frustrating, STRESS does not help getting control of my sugars, no lack of stress around here! Two weeks after my GK my Dad died, got Shingles, is it any wonder? Now my 80 year old Mother’s health is failing, busy running her to Dr. appt’s. It’s like I don’t even have time to take care of myself or to deal with the AVM. Some days I feel like screaming!!! Feeling tired ALL the time. Now I thank-YOU for allowing me to vent. Hope that you will find some Peace within you’re whirlwind of life. All the best to you, Dolores

Thank you so much for all sharing this with me, in a way it has made me feel better. i was fine after i found out yesterday afternoon although a little bit gutted, until when i got home and went to go get ready for bed. i just closed my door sat down on my bed and went into shock. i know that it doesnt mean i cant have kids but kids are one of the things i want the most in life so its just scary. although i probably shouldnt think too much after it until i have had a chance to see a specialist