Is there a need to buy a foot drop brace?

Hi everyone,

I am 22 years old and three years ago I was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation of cerebral vessels (CODE: Q28.2). I have an arteriovenous malformation in my spinal cord (vertebrae column Th5-Th7). Myelopathy.

Surgery :
My surgery was completed 3 years ago.
Type of surgery: Endovascular (total) embolization or occlusion of head and neck vessels (Code: 39.72).

One of the main symptoms I’ve experienced is muscle atrophy (in particular my right leg was a bit atrophied and looked skinnier than my left leg) + foot drop.

People around me notice that I tend to limp sometimes due to the muscle weakness in my right leg. So I was just wondering would a foot drop brace help me fix that issue or are there any other treatments I should consider?

Thanks in advance!


While I cannot speak specifically to whether a foot brace will help, I would suggest seeking physical therapy if you have not done so already.

My spinal AVM was treated both surgically (Laminoplasty) and by embolization in 2017. I did do PT after those procedures but have still suffered from nerve pain since. However I recently have gone back to PT to a therapist who specializes in neurology. I wish I knew there was a specialty for Neuro PT years ago. I am successfully reducing the nerve pain that impacts my feet and lower back. I thought I had a dropped foot but she was able to identify that it was not a muscular issue but a neurological issue.

Hope you continue to heal.



Hi I have a spinal AVM and have foot drop and muscle wastage, I use an allard carbon fibre brace and it really helps keep my foot in place and prevents tripping, I have to use 2 crutches to walk though

Personally I wouldn’t go for a plastic one as I ended up with a grade 3 pressure sore on the back of my heel

Hope this helps

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In my case I feel safer wearing a AFO, I was falling and tripping quite often, my ankle does not flex up and down so it does help me, sure I would rather not have to wear one but I would rather not trip and fall.
I guess it depends on how you and your Doctors feel.

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