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Is the ITB Therapy Recommended?


My husband has spasms (spasticity) in his right leg and was put on medication for it. He saw the rehab Dr. today and she mentioned ITB Therapy. It has only been a little over a month since his AVM surgery. My husband has made tremendous progress...and mentioned the medicine has helped with the spasms. Because he feels a difference due to taking the meds he is refusing the ITB Therapy? Any opinions?


I had baclofen pump placement over a year ago, i was also very resistant but then i had the trial injection and noticed great results and the dose is only micrograms, the oral baclofen had side effects for me too and the ITB doesnt since it doesnt go to your brain, idk if they showed you a pump yet but theyre large. I say ask him to do the trial, its painless,and see wat the benefits and drawbacks are, he might change his mind after he sees how it is. Please Let me know if you want to know more.


Hey Matt! Thank you SO much for this information. Where were your spasms taking place on your body? How long will you have to have the baclofen pump or is it a lifelong thing? The only side effects he has from the oral meds is droziness. How long did you wait before you decided on the pump? I just don't want him to rush into making this decision since it has only been a little over a month since the surgery. Do you recommend he waits until he see what help therapy does?


It does help to some extent, I worked with Pt. with ITB and, dosage has to be closely monitored, the earlier you do it I think it will help.
If ou asked me, I would do it.


Im not sure exactly but maybe a month, the oral baclofen was makin me so drowsy and not doing much to help my spasticity, and i dont exactly have spasms i just have extreme extensor tone in my legs, they dont want to bend especially my left leg, i decided to try the trial after the doctor said it might help with walking, i liked how the trial went so i decided to move forward, idk how long ill have it, i wish my spasticity would get better i really want it out but they havent given me much hope that it will improve and therapy hasnt done anything for it. I might wait a little do some rehabbing then do the trial, i realized with the trial, it totally took away my trunk tone and i couldnt sit up or speak so i had to have it placed really low sometimes it rubs on my hip, disappointing i still cant walk but make sure he does the trial before making a decision, he could be really sensitive to ITB like me but they have different concentrations of the medicine good idea not to rush tho definitely


You have been very helpful! He moves around pretty well with his leg. It's his upper arm that is giving him the most problems... the triceps and biceps. I will keep checking up on you! Keep positive!


Oh really? Ive never heard of it being used for arms i thought it was hard to place the pumpthat high, they wanted to try placing it high enough to get some effect on my arm but with the trial we learned i was sensitive to it and it took away all my trunk tone so we placed it as low as possible and i get myoblok injections in my left arm about every 3 months for the spasticity


No...he has no spasticity in his arms. It's in his leg, not noticeable to me at all...only when he is exercising and putting lots of pressure on it. He is progressing well with walking which is why he doesn't understand why the Dr. recommended the device. I mentioned his arm because that is where the biggest problem to him is...and it is sore.


Ohhh i see i dont understand why it was recommended either than if hes doing good, id say just wait and see if it becomes a hindrance then consider a trial if it starts holding him back


I would suggest weening off the oral baclofen and seeing how bad the spasticity is without it, and weigh the benefits against the side effects and if baclofen is really needed but not worth the side effects then maybe do a trial


Hi Matt,
Interresting to read your experience with the baclofen pump. Do you still use the pump or no longer required because your spasm has healed? Is international travel/longhaul flight safe when using the pump?
Looking forward to hear from any one else who had experience with the baclofen pump.
Yesterday I had my 6 monthly check up with the nerve rahabilitation specialist. Because my legs are still stiff more than 3 years after the spinal cord laminectomy at T10 in Oct 2015, the nerve rahabilitation specialist suggested to put a Baclofen pump in my body. A long term taking the Baclofen as tablets is not good for the liver/kidney. I received all the information about ITB to think about it. In 4 weeks time I have another appointment to decide tu implant the pump or not. Alternatively more Physio guided excercises.
Thank you in advance and regards,