Is the anxiety before a surgery worse than the surgery itself?

I'm looking to find the nerve to call up and schedule my procedure (decided to go craniotomy vs. gamma knife.) Is it possible this is the worst part? The anticipation and anxiety of making the date and then waiting for the date?
I know recovery is no walk in the park, but at least it would seem you can focus on your future, no?
What have others experienced?

grade 1 AVM, right frontal lobe, no symptoms, found incidentally.


I havent had the surgery yet but am in almost the same boat as you. My asymptomatic AVM was found in February incidentally when I had an MRI. They found a 2 cm grade 1 AVM in my left cerebellum and the first two doctors I saw told me to do completely different things. The first recommended treatment while the second told me not to do anything and just live with it. That really caused me a lot of anxiety because what if I chose treatment and something went wrong? I felt like I would second guess my decision for the rest of my life. I decided to see a third doctor and he agreed with the first because of the risks associated with a cerebellar rupture. Hearing that treatment was the best option for mine from two doctors help put me at ease that treatment is the right option.

I literally just got home from my pre-operative testing for my angiogram/embolism on Monday morning and I am really nervous. Once the embolism is done then I will have to decide on radiosurgery or craniotomy but getting the embolism scheduled was tough enough so I know I will be in your shoes soon enough. I am happy to talk if you need someone to talk to.

Yes the anxiety will drive you crazy, I even tried to call the night before and come up with reasons not have it. The sooner you have it the sooner you'll start your recovery.

@Layla - I was actually anxious before setting up my surgery date. But once I did, it was a huge release for me and I could focus on the future without my AVM (positive thinking is key- from the time one is diagnosed through recovery). If you like your doctor, he/she is very competent, you have a great support system, please make the call. You will feel a sense of relief and look forward to the future. Please keep us posted:-)