Is it safe to fly on a plane?

Its it safe to fly on an airplane with a cerebral avm??

Hi Brenda! You need to ask your neuro doctor this question. I was allowed to fly, but only after I talked to my doctor about it. Good Luck!

Agree, talk with your Dr.

Modern jets are pressurized (at altitude) to be equal to being at 5,000 - 8,000 ft. There are differences between models, so you can check to see which is best (lowest pressure), but you will probably be limited by your airline routes. So if your DR would not want you on top of a mountain in Colorado, he wouldn't want you flying.

The only minor risk MOST LIKELY is if the jet lost pressure at altitude. That is a pretty rare occurrence anymore.

Lots of AVMer's fly to/from AVM doctors without issue (we did several times).

Best for pressure is 787, then 777, then 767. I'm not sure where the airbus planes fit in. Generally, newest models are lowest pressure at altitude. Want to shy away from MD 80's and such.
Ron, KS

Thank you… i have been very tired these past days and
Ima be travelling on friday and im a bit scared to be honest

I have an AVM and prior to finding out that I even had one I flew in small planes all the time and even own one. I asked my doctor if it was okay to fly in my small plane and since we hardly ever fly above 8,000 ft. in the plane to begin with he said it was fine for me to fly in my small aircraft. Especially since most commercial airliners are pressurized to emulate 8,000ft. I even asked if it would be okay for me to go to Colorado and do some climbing on some tall mountains and he said that it would be fine.

As for commercial airlines since my diagnosis in July of this year I have flow on a bunch of different airplanes and actually did two flights in two days (one for business and another for pleasure) and so far so good.

If you have been flying before your diagnosis and never had issues I don't think it would be an issue after diagnosis but always check with your doc before you do anything that you are not sure about.