Is Gamma-knife a good choice?

The Gamma-knife treatment for my son will be arranged in next week. I'm really worried about the negative effects or injuries that the radioactive rays may cause, such as paralysis. Give me confidence. God save me.

Hi Liuwz, my daughter had gamma knife treatment last March (she was 16 then). We have had no real problems from it, apart from a few days after the treatment when she felt quite poorly but I think that is to be expected really. We are 18 months on now and apart from headaches when she gets tired she is fine. Try not to worry, easier said than done, I know! I wish your son all the very best, keep positive. Lots of love
Lisa xxx

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Hi liuwz. Good for you in posting this discussion; I recently welcomed you to this site. For me the procedure was an excellent choice for my second AVM. While the procedure was not pleasant, I did not have any long term effects and I found out 8 months after undergoing it that my AVM was obliterated. A MRI showed the AVM was gone and I thanked God! However, I realized that I was blessed with this outcome and I wish you peace from one mom to another.

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Hi! I had my gamma knife operation preformed at the larkins hospital in Miami by doctor
Ive had the operation tow times now, one when I was eight and the other 3 months ago when I was still 14.I had no secondary efects from the operation in either; at least in my experience Id totally recomend it. Good luck!

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I'd prefer it to open brain surgery but avm's are unique and require different treatments.

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