Is anyone involved in multiple support groups?

I think of information-overload plus many other things, but is anyone in multiple support groups? If so, what kind are they (ex. Brain Injury, Stroke)?

I did go to one support group meeting for stroke survivors. It wasn't very helpful to me personally. No one else there had had a hemorrhagic stroke so it was a bit different. Also, I was the only one under the age of 75 so the others kind of looked at me like I had 2 heads.

Oh, and I'm a member of the BIANC (Brain inury assoc. of NC). What I don't like about them is that they're all about TBI (traumatic brain injury). It seems it's most of where they focus. Since my brain injury isn't "traumatic" (as if!) and considered acquired again I don't really feel like I belong.

Naw... three maybe, but not two. :J Hope you're feeling well.

Ha Suzy! I was gonna said 3 heads but I figured 2 would be more realistic. I'm with you Ninibeth...this is the very best group ever!

If you don't have two heads, I feel very misled =)

Really, I've had similar experiences.

Suzy - you don't have three heads?

Lemee look... um how do I do that? Wait, I'll go to a mirror ... one head with glasses, two heads without (double vision). Nope, no three heads. Sorry. :J