Irritated and annoyed!

So its been like 3 months since i went to get my blood tested to see wether i have HHT or not. so i had my mom call ( im kind of a chicken when it comes to calling people) they told her that they still havent rant the test yet and it will be another 4-6 weeks. My blood was sent to PA, they are doing this test for free so they can write a paper about it. so we were told that they do it on there own time. I wish they would hurry up so i could get on with my life. The whole reason i ever did this was to see if what happen to my daughter Raelee, would happen again. I want to have another baby bad, but i dont want the same thing to happen.
I just want to scream!!!

Oh, Kaleena…I can’t believe that they still haven’t run the test yet! You must be very frustrated!

thanks guys!!!