Reena! It’s great to hear from you!

The impression I get from my letter from DVLA is you need to tell them if you start to be poorly again. I’ve interpreted that as “noticeably” poorly rather than a day-by-day assessment! DVLA also told me that it is my doctor’s judgement that is to be used, so if you feel less well, consult your doctor and get their advice on whether you need to stop again. My doc was comfortable and I’ve become better again since. So, not for an angiogram, unless it affects you.

I’ve still got a pulse that I can hear at night. I thought from your update last March that you had had a nicely straightforward embo and had no residual things. I’m sorry to know you’re still a bit on edge – but you’re in good company!

Good luck for your repeat angio!


Hello Friends,

Last June I had an embolisation done for my dural AV FItsula. The docs could not close the whole thing because they said it was too deep at the time. They used Onyx to close it. Soon after that dizziness started and so did aches at the temples and behind the eye balls. I had another procedure 2 weeks ago using onyx and the docs confirmed closing the whole leak. Im hoping to recover . However I have been having a very tough time as whenever I lift anything even as light as a shopping bad from the grocery store, I start getting a headache from the temples to the top of my head and at the back of my eye balls and this continues for a few hours. I feel totally handicapped. I never had these symptoms before my procedures. Has anyone experienced these symptoms ? Any idea what it could be ? The doc say that these symptoms are not related, but I know for sure that they are as I was totally fine before the procedures. Please help !! thanks and regards atul