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Hi Wake, I try to avoid giving unsolicited advice but you asked for it so… I’m not the medical smart guy on here. (There are lots of them, thank goodness.) I tend to ramble all over the place and, no, I don’t think I can blame my avm/seizures for that. I have two things to say.
First, admitting you’re scared is an accomplishment you should be proud of. I have trouble doing that, even to myself.
Second, I can tell that you’re very articulate so I’d suggest chronicling your journey in a journal daily so that it becomes a habit. Even a small entry like, “I feel crappy,” can be cathartic. It helps put your life in perspective over the long haul and it can establish a true baseline. In other words you’ll be able to look back and know that you really did have less pain this week than last week… Plus, in my opinion, journaling makes you smarter.
My prayers are with you, Greg

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Thank you so much!! Journaling is a great idea.